Nathalie Nicole Boutin,
a passionate and intuitive artist painter

Discover the enchanting world of an artist painter who brings her canvases to life with fiery passion and unrivalled intuition. Every brushstroke, every blend of color is a creative dance where emotion meets canvas. Through her art and her canvases, Nathalie Nicole shares a colorful and joyful universe.

Whether you want a large-format canvas or a print on paper, let yourself be transported by the authenticity of his creations.

Welcome to the artistic world of this passionate painter, where each canvas is an invitation to feel, reflect and appreciate the power of art.

« A painting is always less beautiful before becoming very beautiful. There is always a worrying point in the creative process. You take risks, and it's those risks that make the job interesting. »

Nathalie Nicole Boutin

The epic story of an inspired painter

My dreams. Your desires.

I was 8 years old when I sold my first drawings. I exchanged my little colored rabbits for 25 cents. I've always needed to create and dream images to feel good. I did it for the fashion industry — knits, jacquards, embroideries for different collections, including mine — before multiplying the reproductions of paintings for friends. I remember my very first one, a painting by Picasso. An astonishing success that led me to produce others, but always as a dabbler. Painting remained a hobby for me until then.


The first painting that I took the initiative to create was motivated by the face of a man whose expression I liked. His features expressed a lot of experience, of depth. I picked up the brush again, I accurately painted his sadness, but I understood that rubbing shoulders with a sad work is like living with a depressed person. It pulls us down.


During the pandemic, my husband's essential goods business has seen its employees extremely stretched and stretched thin. It was like a permanent Black Friday . In the neon-lit employee room, everyone wore their masks, kept their distance. The climate was gloomy. To bring some joy to this relaxing space, I set out to paint large, colorful and joyful works that helped dissipate some clouds in this working environment.


With these paintings awoke the passion that lay dormant in me. I now paint on a regular basis in my studio in Verdun. I develop in series. This is what inspires me the most. Even if I start a new canvas with a fairly precise idea, my first actions are very gestural and intuitive. It is gradually that I migrate towards the detail. My technique is generally mixed. I work with an acrylic base often enhanced with oil in sticks that I manipulate with my fingers. I also like to use gold leaf and spray paint for the relief they bring.


A work is built, it slowly comes to life. When it comes to an end, when it becomes autonomous, it's very clear to me, I put down my brushes. I allow myself all the mixtures and put them at the service of the magic that is built, the smiles that my interpretations generate. The canvas will then weave other emotional ties with the person who chose it, who made it their own.