George strikes a pose

Cute George poses for a series
of 6 different works, In all its states, the little king is offered in 2 formats. Adopting a dog has never been so easy. 

Limited edition

George in color

Here “King George” is displayed in color. Plum, khaki, honey, olive, gold or copper a vibrant palette of 6 colors allows you to choose the "George" that best fits your decor. A rich and harmonized collection.

Limited edition

Dogs and cats

Only love


Limited edition

Small animals

Only sweetness

Limited edition

Birds and fish

Only lightness

Limited edition

The beasts

Only strength

Limited edition

Prints on paper by a Quebec artist painter

Nathalie Nicole Boutin is a Quebec artist painter who combines intuition, creativity and passion to create authentic works. Each of her prints on paper is an encounter between the richness of color and the artist's magic.

Prints on paper are available in several formats, and you can discover the following collections featuring animal art:

  • George strikes a pose: This collection features King George in all its states.

  • George in color: This collection features King George in a vibrant color palette.

  • Dogs and cats: This collection features man's best friends, where love reigns.

  • Small animals: This collection features sweetness through small animals.

  • Birds and fish: This collection features joy, freedom and lightness with birds and fish.

  • The beasts: This collection features the power of our rural animals.

All editions have an authenticity seal, are numbered and signed by the artist.

Discover the captivating world of art through prints on paper by a talented artist painter.