Custom portraits of people and pets by a Quebec artist painter

A creative and passionate Quebec artist painter, Nathalie Nicole Boutin creates custom portraits of people and pets that highlight their beauty, while telling a unique story and evoking emotions.

Get a custom portrait of your loved one

Ideal as a gift to offer or to yourself, a portrait of a loved one by a talented artist painter is an excellent idea. Nathalie Nicole Bouton creates an authentic and artistic work of art.

To create a realistic portrait of a child, a woman or a man, Nathalie Nicole Boutin transcribes emotions where every detail is meticulously worked, colors are carefully chosen and features are subtly marked.

Get a pet portrait of your faithful companion

Nathalie Nicole Boutin creates custom pet portraits that showcase your precious four-legged friends. Each brushstroke reveals the beauty, love and grace of your pet.
If you've sadly lost your faithful companion, Nathalie Nicole Boutin immortalizes your pet in a work of art that honors its precious presence and your shared memories.