King George Navy

King George Cream

Green Flamingos

Pink Agathe

Alphonse Cream

Sophia Fir

Brown Bob


King George Magenta

Moss Russell

Gray Peacock

Blue Prince

Cream Buddha

Burgundy Arthur

Moss Betty


George Allover

Black Russell

Lilac Butterflies

Green Loulou

Green Cleopatra

Marine Cleopatra



Artist notebooks by a Quebec artist painter

Discover the notebooks designed by Nathalie Nicole Boutin, an intuitive, creative and passionate Quebec artist painter. More than just notebooks, these notebooks are works of art in themselves.

Each cover of these notebooks is a miniature work of art, a foretaste of Nathalie Nicole Boutin's artistic universe. The artworks on the covers feature animals, from dogs to cats and peacocks, but also women. If you like these works of art in miniature, they are also available in large format on canvas or as prints on paper.

The blank pages inside these notebooks are ideal for exploring new ideas, organizing your day-to-day life, writing memoirs or giving free rein to your creativity.  

Available in a range of formats, our notebooks have a smooth, matte finish on the outside, ensuring optimum quality.

Don't just have a writing or drawing surface, Nathalie Nicole Boutin's notebooks are portable works of art that make a striking first impression right from the cover! These artistic notebooks are ready to take you anywhere!